A Haven for Young, Positive Children.

Loving Hands Safe House is a Rescue Centre located in Nakuru County, Kenya for vulnerable children infected with HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to give these children a place to call home where they are free from pain and rejection, and have all their basic and medical needs met. Our children’s parents, family members or guardians are either missing, ailing, dead or imprisoned. Without the safe house, these children would be on their own, exposed to forced labour, gang violence, crime, hunger, hard drugs and sexual assault due to the absence of a social security net in Kenya.

Volunteer at Loving Hands

Share your valuable skills, help us with general upkeep and spend time with the children. Volunteers at Loving Hands Safe House are at the centre of our organization and play an important part in helping our children develop their English, social skills and career opportunities.

Support the Cause

Our Rescue Centre runs on your donations. Whether you choose to support us through fundraising initiatives or independently, we believe in total transparency. You can be certain that any contribution is making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives and development of our children.

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Child Rescue

Get in touch with one of our representatives to coordinate rescue and tracing efforts of vulnerable and lost children.

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