Loving Hands Safe House Gilgil

A haven for young positive Children

Sponsor a Child

We often receive new children from the community. These children who join the home to live there need sponsors in order to support their educational and medical needs. To sponsor a child, click here

Fund a Project

Our current project is to purchase a piece of land in Gilgil in order to build the orphanage there. We have already identified the land and spoke to the owner. To purchase, we need 20 million Kenyan shillings. To support this project, please click here to donate.

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Loving hands safe house is a rescue center for young vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to enhance children protection and give them quality care. The children’s parents, family members or guardians are either missing, poor, ailing or died of Aids. And with no social security net in Kenya, these children are on their own thus exposing them to neglect, poor health, forced labor, gang assault, crime, hard drugs, hunger, sexual and emotional abuse, arrests, harsh weather conditions, mental anguish and hopelessness.