Loving Hands Safe House is a rescue center for young vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our mission enhances children protection and giving them quality care. The children’s parents, family members or guardians are either missing, poor, ailing or died of Aids. No social security net has been setup in Kenya and these children are on their own thus exposing them to neglect, poor health, forced labor, gang assault, crime, hard drugs, hunger, sexual and emotional abuse, arrests, harsh weather conditions, mental anguish and hopelessness.

According to the Kenya Government’s Aids Impact report, the country has 3.6 million orphans who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS among other factors. The loving hands safe house was started by Jane Kinuthia, a veteran social worker with decades of experience in helping children with life support skills, reduce their suffering and give them hope for a better tomorrow. The house affords them an opportunity to live in an ordinary homely environment, just like in a regular family with parental care and a sense of belonging. Currently, the safe house is sheltering 40 children aged between 3- 18 years.

The children are being offered foster care, shelter, food, clothing, medical care (Anti-Retroviral drugs/nutritional supplements), guidance, counseling, security, education and sweet love. Some of them are very bright, talented and eager to learn. We also try to trace their family members for background checks, possible re-connection, re-unions and counseling. All these charitable efforts are helping the children live healthy, responsible and prepare them well to positively face the future ahead of them. Besides, the safe house educates members of the local community on children rights and runs an outreach programme for needy families and individuals.

Loving hands safe house co-operates with the Gilgil Children’s Department Office, Gilgil police station, social service Department of Nakuru County, the Gilgil District and Mission Hospitals, Churches, to ensure immediate and timely intervention for children in need of rescue, protection and care. Currently, the Loving hands safe House is being run by a small dedicated team of staff and a board of trustees who offer general vision direction and oversee management of the safe House’s programmes.


Helping orphans and vulnerable children live without pain, rejection by giving them a place they can call home where all other basic needs are met. Medical care is a priority for kids living positively.


Giving care and protection to children in need



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