To keep the safe House up and running, money is essential. The money we get from well wishers like you is used for daily expenses. It pays food and drugs supplies, clothes, school uniforms, money to pay utility bills (electricity, water, and maintenance), space rent, and security system and staff salaries. We humbly accept almost everything, and you can make a difference through either of the following ways;

  • Donate food and drinks
  • Donate clothes, Bedding
  • Donate sports Kits and items
  • Donate medicine
  • Donate books
  • Donate ICT Gadgets
  • Visit, Spend a day with children
  • Donate Equipment, Wares, Furniture
  • Sponsor a child
  • Donate Money

For money donation, use bank account;
Loving Hands Feeding Programme
Account No: 2031538133
Bank Code; 023
Bank Swift Code; BARCKENX

Donate towards Building the Home

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