We welcome you to volunteer

Come show some love to our wonderful children.

Volunteer with Children

Become a volunteer and share your valuable time, skills and love with our beautiful angels. Our volunteers assist with baby-sitting, cooking, cleaning, bed-making, playing with kids, basic teaching and family visits. Others are counseling, mentoring, organizing weekend excursions and feeding street children. You can also act as sister/ brother to the kids by providing them with love.

Future Plans

1. To increase the number of children under our safe house foster care from 35-70
2. To expand the programme educating local community on children’s rights.
3. To build own children care home with a medical clinic, if possible.

Our Current Supporters

The loving Hands Safe House is extremely grateful to all our donors and sponsors, large and small. Every contribution helps us continue our vital programmes. We welcome and receive donations from any sources including individuals, companies, family trusts, private funds, charitable trusts, foundation fund, societies, institutions etc. we gratefully acknowledge the following donors and supporters to date:

1. Nur @ play for smiles Organization
2. Sari Mannien Education
3. Local Community help in food
4. Friendship Community Church Education